About open learning

This post is the english translation of  ‘Réflexions sur l’Open Learning‘.

I enrolled in MOOC h817 Open on open education … For now, thanks to @ actionsFLE, I found this map which shows the open learning.

open learning de Iben Christiansen

open learning by Iben Christiansen

I like its simplicity. Through all these items, I think that several aspects stand out:
1 – relationship : networks, sharing, people, … Philippe Carré says « You always learn on your own but never without the others. » Brainstorming ideas, sharing points of view, discussions are essential to learn. This develops personal reflection, creation of links between concepts …

2 – competency : new learning, methods, informal outputs, … We no longer focus on disciplinary acquisition (knowledge and skills) but also on the process implemented. This action-learning requires an analye as in experiential learning. This approach provides the opportunity to develop adaptation skills of participants.

3 – reasonable use of technologies: tools are only one aspect of education. They are here to facilitate the construction of learning situation by erasing the boundaries of time and place.

4 – publishing : it is like a keystone that connects the three previous aspects. Tools give us fantastic opportunities to develop relationship and skills _ among other social issues. Learnrs still need to know how to express online: conquer fear, build content, argue and then publish.

All these aspects highlighted in open education are not specific to that context and should be found in many other contexts, shouldn’t they?

If you find any mistake in my english, please teach me  ! 😉


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  1. About open learning | CUED | Scoop.it Says:

    […] This post is the english translation of 'Réflexions sur l’Open Learning'.  […]

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